Zepparella is the Led Zeppelin Powerhouse hailing from San Francisco. Vocalist Noelle Doughty, Guitarist Gretchen Menn, Bassist Angeline Saris, and Drummer Clementine have brought their passion for the sacred music of the greatest band in the world all over the US and Canada. Zepparella shows replicate the nuance and detail of Zep’s catalog while honoring the powerful improvisational journeys for which Zeppelin shows were renowned.  www.zepparella.com


The band has tens of thousands of likes on Facebook, and their reach spans over 50 countries. www.facebook.com/Zepparella


Zepparella has produced two videos. "When The Levee Breaks" was released in 2010 and has over 6 million Youtube views: http://youtu.be/xH-_9cwdLug


"Dazed and Confused" was released at the beginning of 2012 and has over 700,000 views:


In the 12 years of the band, Zepparella has released three live albums, and in 2014 put out a self-titled 10-song studio album. Live at 19 Broadway, was self-released in 2005. A Pleasing Pounding, was released on WhatAreRecords? in 2010. Live at Sweetwater was released in 2016.


Zepparella has toured throughout the United States, opening for the likes of Weezer, Kiss, Y&T, and gracing numerous festival stages, private parties, theaters, and down and dirty rock venues.


Band members Gretchen Menn (guitar), Angeline Saris (bass) are known internationally for their playing and various projects. Both are endorsed by major music companies and are featured in international press and advertising. Drummer Clementine and Singer Noelle Doughty bring varied careers to the project as well. Some recent highlights follow.

To book Zepparella, please contact

Mary Goree at Leafy Green Booking

(415) 642-6062

Email: mary@leafygreen.com